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Top 5 most incredible EXPO pavilions according to tourists

21 June

Dancing killer whales in the pavilion of Monaco and the star portal of the German exposition surprised visitors of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The Kazakhstan entertainment portal Nur.kz has presented top 5 pavilions of different countries according to tourists.


The German pavilion has a magic mirror room, strewn with stars. It seems to transfer visitors to the centre of the galaxy. Thanks to the multimedia show, guests can witness the birth of the universe.


Visitors of the Israeli pavilion find themselves in the centre of illusions. A room with a hundred light bulbs fascinate the tourists and attracts those who love to take pictures.


The exposition is decorated with extraordinary mirrors that transmit the motion of the waves. They reflect fish schools that swim by, sea horses and even killer whales. After a vivid show, the mirrors carry spectators to the azure coast of Monaco.


Bright colourful mechanisms attract visitors of the exhibition to the pavilion of Austria. Unusual attractions will be an excellent background for a child, family or a romantic picture. They can be brought into motion if you twist the pedals of a bicycle or hang on ropes.

Energy Hall

The energy of the universe is demonstrated by small silver balls-robots. With the help of special sound effects, their motions turn into a geometric show. In another room of the Energy Hall you can see an ornate labyrinth of three-dimensional cubes, presenting an impressive play of light to visitors.

Let us remind that earlier were named the best pavilions of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 according to the foreign journalists.

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